1. bombshelljanelle:

    Why the hell are they so mad Elissa won anyway? The main goal was to get out Helen. They should be celebrating.

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  2. If Elissa won POV and took down Jesse, then Andy replaced her with Amanda


  3. bombshelljanelle:

    If Andy aligns with Elissa this week instead of Amanda and McCrae.


  4. captain-kosher:

    perfection in one shot

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  5. Lets be real here Britney deserved Fan Favorite in BB14!


  6. thebigbrotherbitch:

    Helen running to Aaryn and Ginamarie about Jessie.

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  7. (Source: bricesander)

  8. I don’t know who to root for in the argument. H or G. 

  9. Ryan delivering news on Brooks to the group. 

  10. Dear Tamra, 

  11. I feel like it’s been a bumpy ride this season. 

  12. Finale time! 

  13. There’s drama in the house and it’s finally not centered around Elissa. 

  14. This fight between Amanda and Jess is amazing. 

  15. Of course GM would get a photo of Nick in her HOH room.